Are these real diamond jewellery?

Yes, all diamonds used in Joyari Jewellery are real diamonds with Superior Diamond Quality, which comes with a third party certification.

Is it real gold used in the jewellery?

Yes, all jewellery is of real gold used in our products with currently of 18k purity, which comes with BIS hallmark sign.

Is the jewellery certified?

Yes, all jewellery is certified by USA's well-known laboratory namely GSI (Gemological Science International). You can know more about the laboratory at

Do I get certificate of jewellery?

Yes, we certify all our jewellery by a third party certified laboratory, which is provided along with every Joyari Jewellery.

Why is jewellery certified?

We certify the jewellery as to let our customers know about the purity of gold and quality of diamonds used in every product that we display on our Joyari website.

How come Joyari Jewellery are budget friendly?

All Joyari Diamond Jewellery is manufactured in-house with all latest technology and infrastructure. Our second company namely Mira Gems manufactures diamonds for last three decades. Mira Gems has from sourcing diamonds from mines to cut and polish everything in house. Joyari uses Diamonds from Mira Gems only in all its jewellery. All these merits enable us to keep price of jewellery at its best for which we say “Luxury-For-All”.

Are Joyari jewellery be delivered in my area?

We have a self-help option available on our website. When you select any product, please click on the ‘View Details/Quick View’ tab to enter your delivery pin-code and can check if the delivery is available in your region.

How many days will I receive products upon placing order?

Once you submit your delivery pin-code the system itself will display the expected delivery date for the selected delivery pin-code.

Is cash on delivery available for the products?

Yes, Cash-On-Delivery is available for all products.

How can I know my ring size?

Please go through Joyari ring size chart to know your ring size: Or, you can also call our customer care at +91-95745 59955 for further assistance.

If the ring I received, I get to know ring size I measured is not correct, how you can help?

We would help you replace the ring with the correct size with zero shipping charges.

What is resale value of your jewellery?

We provide you up-to 90% value of the invoice through our Life-Time Buy-Back policy.

Can I return product if I don't like or for any other reason?

Yes, you can return the product anytime within 30 days from the date of delivery. You just have to ensure that the product must not have sign of wear and tear or any damage.

What’s your shipping policy?

All products are delivered with zero charges and along with it we also provide 100% insured shipment. Hence, any damage or jewellery being misplaced during the transit will be our responsibility.

Can I order any product as per my design?

We provide customization of jewellery if the value is INR 25,000.00 and above.

Is EMI option available for your product?

Currently EMI option is not available on our current jewellery but in future it will be introduced for jewellery valued INR 25,000.00 and above.

Is your store available in my city?

We are an online jewellery brand and have only one store in Surat; however, we are planning for expansion to multiple cities for better customer service.

Do you also make plain gold jewellery?

Plain jewellery is not available as we only manufacture jewellery with diamonds and in future with Diamonds and Gemstone both.

Are all jewellery pictures you have displayed on are of actual products?

We believe that what customers see is what they should get. All jewellery images displayed on our website are actual pictures which are clicked after the manufacturing and quality check process which makes it possible to deliver the jewellery on an immediate basis as all jewellery are available for Ready-To-Ship.

Will I have to pay for jewellery to be returned within 30 days?

No. It is free. We do not charge any fees for delivery or replacement of our jewellery. Also, we arrange for door pickup at your place free of charge.